“Ozen” is the name of a natural impotence remedy that’s supposed to really amp up your love rocket in the sack. The campaign got under way in Thailand and is already drawing ire, since the woman in the very dusky scenes is doing it doggy style with a bull, a buck and a wild stallion. But thanks to what looks like some sort of X-ray vision, you can make out a human skeleton behind the “façade” of the animals. So, just add a little oomph and you turn into an animal in bed. Still, doesn’t have to be taken so literally…




My name is Andreas Dittberner. I am 33 years old. I love our capital city, which is also where I live. I write for dailybri.com at times, and operate the aboutpixel.com and grafiker.de websites. The Internet, design & SocialMedia fill my life in addition to my wife and friends. ;)

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