An explosive entrance from Didier Faustino


The Villa Bloc has been in Paris since the 1950s. It was designed by sculptor André Bloc, and art collector Natalie Seroussi lives in it. Every year for a while now she has invited one artist to create something suitable for the villa. This year it was the turn of Didier Faustino, who presented her with this fantastic entrance which he calls “This is not a love song”. Inside the villa appeared “Nowhere Somewhere”, a sculpture of bewildering neon arrows, and the soundscape “Trust me”, which is nothing but whispering voices. It’s all utterly cool, don’t you think?


PhotoMath: the app that does your math homework in…


Here’s the ultimate app for cheats. We’re talking “PhotoMath“. This app means that pretty soon phones will have to be banned in every high school. Because what it does is capture complicated sums via the camera and then display the right answer right away on the screen. Though it only works for printed tasks: it can’t read handwriting. So far it’s available for iOS and Windows, with the Android version due out in early 2015. It will also show you the individual steps to find the answer. The developers say, “Children can use it as a tool which helps them to learn Math, while parents can use it to check the homework of their children” I can’t believe anyone will be downloading this app to help them learn…


RESEARCH: The link between schooling and taste in music


Simple people listen to undemanding music. But does someone’s choice of music really tell us something about their intelligence? Programmer Virgil Griffith was wondering about that too, so he set out to find an answer. And he compared the favourite musicians of US college students with their level of education. Then he published his findings on his site Music that makes you dumb. So right at the back are artistes such as Lil Wayne, Beyoncé or indeed gospel music. So that’s music “that makes you dumb”. The middle order is dominated by musicians like Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC or Pearl Jam. And then out in front you have the likes of Radiohead, Sufjan Stevens or Bob Dylan, and they’re second only to Beethoven. Click on the graph to see it all in detail!


”DiverXO“: Ecstatic food porn ad for restaurant


Food is often advertised in particularly appealing fashion  – you may be familiar with the term “food porn”. Still, this film short produced by Madrid-based restaurant “DiverXO“ easily puts most food porn to shame. The opening of the 10+ minute short shows us how scrumptious meals are prepared in a sterile white kitchen. Next, waiters whisk the dishes into a cellar room where six persons are seated at a table. The party begin to eat – and grow increasingly ecstatic over the gastronomic delights. The imagery grows more surreal as time passes, until the six diners finally lose their senses. The director of “DiverXO” is ad cinematographer Marc Ortiz.


Infographic: How much time does doing drugs take…


Normally, telling smokers and other drug addicts how bad their habit is for them is a waste of time. Still, they might start to think about what they’re doing to themselves if they just took a look at this infographic. The folks at sat down, took a hard look at a series of statistics on drug use and came up with this graphic. The figures only apply to regular users but are pretty shocking nonetheless. In any case, a smoker loses 13.8 minutes of his or her life per cancer stick. The loss is strikingly different for other drugs…


“The Art Of Peeing”: A free font, inspired by pee spray


No doubt you men out there have considerably more experience when it comes to pissing in public. Like, when you relieve yourselves against a wall. Have you also ever felt the need to write your names with the shooting stream of urine? In any case, Aravindan Thirunavukarasu used the idea to create a font, as well as “a boring video” to boot. The font is appropriately named “The Art Of Peeing” and can be downloaded for free. Naturally, Thirunavukarasu modeled the font on real wall-based works of art which he later vectorized. You’ll also find a ready answer to the question of why he did it: “to pay tribute to the wall painters and to the ones who can’t pee on the wall”.


The Bézier Game: Playfully get to know the pen tool


If you’re an old hand at Photoshop and Illustrator or work a lot with vector graphics you’re aware of what’s behind the concept of the Bézier curve. In any case, it’s one of the first things you learn about if you study graphic design. And, lest you forget how to use the pen tool and create paths, now there’s a little online game for you. The Bézier Game trains you to have a steady hand when using the mouse. The game was created by interaction designer Mark MacKay.


Less is more – tiny & minimalistic tattoos by Seoeon


Anyone with no urge to plop a huge objet d’art on their skin will find just what the doctor ordered at Korean tattoo artist Seoeon. Seoeon goes by the motto “less is more“, decorating hands, arms, neck and feet with small lettering or sweet illustrations. There’s no limit to the artist’s fantasy. From a clothes hanger to a unicorn, Seoeon’s needle etches everything – just that the artist uses only a few lines to do it. Looks like most of the procedures last only a few minutes at best. Still, there’s something special about them…