The Supersize Bed by Cecilia Carey


The bed with fries. Way cool. I’d love to have one of these! The bed was designed by Cecilia Carey, in collaboration with Harry Parr. Cecilia is a successful set designer, but she sometimes makes furniture to sell on her website. Her “Super Size Bed” can be ordered to suit any size of mattress and has a very special feature – the fries are in fact all individual cushions that you can take out of the box at the back to make yourself comfortable. Unfortunately, prices are on request only.


Memobottle: The perfect bottle for laptop bags


We all know that we should be drinking at least a liter and a half every day. If you travel around a lot, that often doesn’t pan out too well because it’s pretty difficult to stuff one of those clunky water bottles into your laptop bag. One solution to the problem comes from the Australian Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt from California. Their memobottle initiative will soon be producing slimline water bottles in standard paper sizes.


Cliff House – a very unusual holiday home in Australia


Wow! How about living there? A rather unexpected location for a holiday home, but why not? The house was designed by Modscape, whose modular design method is just perfect for this kind of location. Cliff House consists of five levels, connected by an elevator and stairs. The entrance to the house is through the carport at the top. The level below is the living area and the kitchen, below that are two bedrooms, the next floor down has another bedroom and the bathroom, and the bottom level is a terrace with a BBQ and spa area. Reminds me a little of a futuristic prison, but somehow I’d still like to go and take a look around – if it was for real and not just a concept, that is. So, what do you think?


Tindafella: A guy with a beard re-stages women’s…


I have absolutely no experience in online dating, because luckily, I met my wife in the “real world”. Luckily, a young Australian has stepped in to show me what I missed by failing to immerse myself in the endless sea of more or less desperate date-seekers. His name is Jarrod Allen, he’s chubby and bearded, and he’s on a mission to re-stage all the most ridiculous profile pictures he can find on Tinder – photos of women, mind you.


Christopher Kippenberger sells his luxury apartment


Ever heard of Christopher Kippenberger? In case you haven’t, he’s a German-American artist and filmmaker, who also owns the Studio Kippenberger creative agency. The premises of the agency, located in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg, also serve as Christopher’s apartment. Well, pretty soon that’s going to change, because he’s just put his luxury pad up for sale. As a kind of promo for the sale, Kippenberger let the folk from the Highsnobiety blog take an exclusive look at his domain.


Geometric architecture in the middle of nature


Up next is the 4 Springs Lane Residence in Rappahannock County, Virginia. The house is situated on what looks to be a huge property, with architect Robert M. Gurney erecting the structure on top of a hill in order to ensure a fantastic view of the environs and the Blue Ridge Mountains. The complex consists of several buildings aligned next to one another and fronted by a central swimming pool. The linear forms mean the structure looks cool no matter which angle you view if from. Love the huge windows, too.


Batman The Ride – the new extreme 4D rollercoaster


Saddle up, extreme rollercoaster fanatics, your next year’s vacation has been all planned out for you! Summer 2015 will see the inauguration of the world’s first 4D Free-Fly rollercoaster, more precisely at Six Flags Theme Park in Fiesta, Texas. The ride’s theme is Batman, but that’s just a side bar at the moment. Just taking a peek at the video gives you a feeling of how wicked this thing is. Seems the cars spin around the whole time on their own axis, and a few freefall moments are also built into the thing. For me, this borders more on horror than anything, but what do you think?


Video: The new Somebody app by Miranda July


If you ask me, “Somebody” is already the year’s coolest iPhone app. At the very least. And the video is so funny! Does the following sound familiar to you? You really want to tell someone something personal, though not on the phone or in a text message, but unfortunately you’re way too far away? No problem if you’ve got Somebody. Just type in your message and find someone who’s near the person you want to tell something to, and poof!, someone else delivers your message – whether it include crying, hand holding or hugs.