VIDEO: UNICEF thanks everyone for their support


Founded in 1946, the UNICEF organization is still active in many countries. Originally, the UN Children’s Fund focused exclusively on post-war Europe, but now works to ensure that children’s rights are respected in around 190 different countries. Every child has the right to health, food, education and protection. At the end of the year, we can look back on almost 70 years of UNICEF, a time characterized by a long series of minor innovations.


BIZZBY SKY – Drone on-demand delivery service


Drones as a delivery service are no longer some kind of sci-fi pipedream but can be a reality these days, as this BIZZBY project testifies. In the UK, BIZZBY is at the planning phase of a drone on-demand delivery service called BIZZBY SKY right now. All you have to do is use the app to enter what you want taking where, and in minutes a drone appears and takes away anything up to 500g in weight (that’s a bit over a pound). And you can follow on video what the drone can see as it flies along. All that’s stopping the project becoming a reality now are the laws prohibiting drone air traffic. Just take a look at the video, and find out further details on the homepage!


Great cupcake ideas for the festive season


So here we have yet another collection of great ideas! If you are fond of baking or decorating cakes, or maybe both, then this is going to give you so much inspiration. Because no sooner have we gotten Halloween out of the way, than our decorative and design energies turn to the ultimate annual event in terms of decoration: Christmas. These pictures can give us any amount of design ideas for cupcakes. With trees on, gifts, snowmen, flowers, wreaths, snowflakes and what have you. Which one is your favorite?


Gory outdoor advertising for the Calgary Horror…


The ever-popular horror trade fair that is the Calgary Horror Convention took place again back in early August in Canada. Last year had seen bloody body parts  scattered around the city, and this year knives and axes were pressed into service. Of course they weren’t real, just used as a striking way to fix posters to trees and other places around the place. With a side order of blood for good measure. Another of the posters was made to look as if it was just about to have a cadaver rolled up inside it. Cool ideas…


Great industrial style furniture


If you’re a fan of industrial style furniture, you’ve got to take a look at the stuff out on Vintage Industrial! I’m really enthused about what I’m seeing, since I’d love to have a few of their creations in my own pad. Dining room tables, desks, shelves, chairs, side tables, for the home, office or even restaurants. Really super massive pieces of furniture made out of metal and wood. Everything’s made by hand to order in Phoenix, Arizona. You can also have your furniture custom made. So, whacha think of these special pieces of furniture?


Video: when people act like cats


If you’ve got a cat, you’ll definitely want to check out this video. The clip shows someone imitating cats’ typical behavior. And he really pulled it off well! Really shows you how different cats are from humans. It’s also very weird to see a human acting out the behavior we accept from cats. But that’s exactly what makes this video so comical! Enjoy this one!


Skitchen – the secret skateboard stunts in our…


I’ve always suspected as much – no sooner have you left the house than the fruit and veggies start running around the kitchen doing whatever they please. It’s pretty obvious that fruits prefer skateboarding. Who’da thunk it? Not me, in any case. French artist Benoit Jammes has now exposed the whole affair after surprising his groceries skateboarding in the kitchen and documenting everything for us. Bananas, kiwis, onions, bell peppers…looks like they all know how to pull off the right tricks on their boards. I’m a bit broken up about the tomato, though, looks like it took a really nasty fall…


The trolley with the R2-D2 look


All you Star Wars fans out there, feel free to squeal out loud. As of now, you’ll once again be able to add to your personal fan collection with this cool trolley designed like everyone’s favorite droid, a.k.a. R2-D2, and float thru the air exploring the world in befitting fashion. The special luggage can be had for $79.99 (about €64) at ThinkGeek. Maybe we’ll be seeing additional characters in the near future. If R2-D2 isn’t your cup of tea, maybe you’d prefer the trolley with the Gameboy look instead?!