Typography: An alphabet made of mouths


We always like to see new typographic ideas, so we had to check this one out too. Japanese graphic designer Takayuki Ogawa is the man behind the “Oral:phabet“, a whole alphabet constructed of lips, teeth and tongues. Maybe he got the idea because the letter D is used in emoticons to represent a mouth, but other letters aren’t. He gave every letter a specific emotion to express. Some of them look strangely gross, others look totally cute – but the whole thing is a pretty bizarre idea, huh?


INFOGRAPHIC: A regular Saturday, with and without kids


Life without children has its advantages. Luckily, parents have years to enjoy that way of life in advance, because your life changes completely when you have kids. Take Saturday mornings, for example. If you still don’t have any children, you can stay in bed until 11 if you want, and then slowly slip into the day and maybe meet up with some friends – but as a parent, all hell has already broken loose way before then. Makes me really appreciate that I still have a load of kid-free Saturdays ahead of me…


VIDEO: A check-up with the doctor for guys who…


Apparently, men don’t usually do the dishes in Argentina, which is reason enough for dishwashing soap manufacturers Magistral to be a little concerned. They sent a load of guys for special tests in mobile clinics downtown, or at the hospital. The tests checked if the men were capable of moving a sponge over a plate, and afterwards, they were presented with a certificate to confirm that they were quite healthy and able to do the dishes – and more importantly: “No man died during the process.”


Alexandria Morgan runs strapless – the new TomTom ad


This new commercial is definitely a big success, if only because it seems to have been banned by US television, thus creating a massive hype on the internet. So what’s the big deal? Well, the clip shows model Alexandria Morgan, out running. She likes to jog along the beach, preferably strapless. Strapless? We’re talking about those chest straps that other cardio trackers use, of course. The new TomTom Runner cardio doesn’t need one of those because it measures the pulse at the wrist. The tracker looks great, apparently, but somehow, it doesn’t get a whole lot of attention in the spot…


A prank from Smart with humongous cars


Everyone knows that Smart make the smallest cars in town, but now they also want to call the shots at the other end of the scale by building the biggest city cruisers too – or that’s what they told these poor unsuspecting folk, anyhow. To make the story a little more believable, they also built a huge prototype to match. A very entertaining idea from BBDO Berlin. In the “market research” conducted by Smart employees, the test subjects got an oversized steering wheel to try out and had several more little tricks played on them…


Does size matter? Samsung thinks it does.


Yep, we’re into a new round of comparisons in the never-ending battle between Samsung and Apple, with Samsung once again flaunts the size of its display as a benchmark by which to compare it with Apple’s offerings – a kind of dick-waving competition. The 5.1″ display of the Samsung smartphone definitely has the advantage there. No iPhone can match that kind of size, which is making some Apple fanboys secretly take a quick peek over the shoulders of Samsung users…


Type of Letters by Niral Parekh


Designer Niral Parekh from New York has a project called “Type of Letters” which is all to do with writing. And mail. He thought, even in our digital age, we still use the mail and write on paper, and we like tangible things we can actually get hold of. So he created these characters and numbers out of letters, postcards and newspapers. And in these shelves he wrote the word “Type” the number 50, the New York Times magazine logo, an @ and an A. Take a look – there are pictures and videos of it all here!


Packaging: rustic design for jam


Jam jars wearing shirts and suspenders. That’s sweet! Designer Ben Loth dreamt up this cozy design and its rural style. Gramma’s Hand Cranked Jam comes from the slopes of Pennsylvania, where everything’s picked and processed by hand. Which is why the jars are ready kitted out in flannel shirts and green overall pants. I love the font they used, too, and the back pockets on the jar. It’s a bit of a shame that the suspenders get broken when you open the it.