TREExOFFICE co-working in London with tree-house style


Since last Monday, Great Britain has some very special office space for creative Londoners to share. For one thing, TREExOFFICE looks a little like a play-house for grown-ups, – and also it’s right in the middle of London’s Hoxton Square. It’s a 25 square metre space – that’s 270 square feet – and it can be rented by up to 8 people until December 2015. It’ll cost you £15 (about 21 €) for one person for half a day (4 hours). If you want it to yourself – say for meetings – you can rent the whole space for £120 (about 164 €). And at the weekend you can even work there for free. There’s wi-fi of course – straight from the tree. All the income goes towards improving Hackney’s parks and green spaces. The whole idea was the work of architects Tate Harmer.



“Windows of the World” – windows sorted by city


Next time you’re suffering from extreme jetlag on a trip and you don’t even know where you are, just take a look at the city’s windows. They don’t just tell you a bit about the architectural style – they can actually tell you where you’ve landed up. For instance, Lisbon has its eye-catching azulejo façades, Trento in Italy boasts colorful shutters, and Burano is just a riot of bright colors. “Windows of the World” is a beautiful series of images portraying window façades from a host of cities and regions, and it was created by photographer André Gonçalves.


Another angle on food porn: filthy food from…


Facebook, Instagram and the like are awash with images of food. Some people just have to upload their photos of breakfast, even if they only ate a cracker. And then of course there are the professionally produced pics that make your mouth water just to look at them. But that won’t happen with these images. In fact, this Instagram account does exactly the opposite. It features pictures of plates of unidentifiable sludge and culinary fails. I’m reminded somewhat of these sad desk lunches. But it may just be a trick of the light…


Terminal 5 at Stockholm airport simulates your…


Is your summer vacation still to come? Maybe you’ll be taking in Stockholm-Arlanda airport. If so, it’s worth dropping in on Terminal 5. That’s where you can be part of a novel project called “The Climate Portal” – it runs until the end of August. It reproduces the weather in three different points on the globe in real time. So you could experience Dubai with its extreme heat or the icy cold of Canada complete with wind chill. They have three rooms that receive data from online weather stations and turn it into real-life conditions. So you get a foretaste of where you’re headed, and maybe a reminder that you maybe need to stock up on sun-cream or warm sweaters. The project was set up with the help of Akestam Holst.


The latest from Japan courtesy of Burger King:…


It’s just a year since Burger King Japan captured our attention with these black burgers. And the eye-catching theme goes on. From July there’ll be red burgers joining the color range – that’s the “Aka Samurai Chicken” and the “Aka Samurai Beef”. The buns owe their color to a mixture of tomato powder, miso and pepper. And at a price of 4 or 5 Euros. But that’s not all: the black variant is getting an update too. This year will see the début of the “Kuro Shogun” and the “Kuro Taisho”.


Oliver Korittke snaps at promotional event


Oliver Korittke is one of the most popular actors in Germany. But what he did recently at a public event was not acceptable at all. When a banner with the digitally altered face of Korittke was presented to the public, the usually calm actor got completely freaky. The video recording of an audience member shows that Korittke didn’t like the new look of his face at all. So he let off steam, insulted the audience and ripped the poster off the wall. Before Korittke stormed off the stage, he furiously threw a flower bouquet into the crowd. His advertising partners surely had imagined the event in a completely different way.


Photography: The Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop of…


Adrian Alarcon is a photographer from São Paulo. He seems to be a fan of two things that just don’t want to go out of fashion right now: selfies and beards. Adrian combines both of them in his Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop project. He spent four months growing himself a rather splendid beard and then shaved half of it off, straight down the middle. Might look kind of weird, but he quickly covered the shaved half with all sorts of stuff he found lying around so no one would notice…


“Little Lost Project” – Yoonjin Lee documents lost…


So, what have you lost in your life so far – money, maybe your house keys? Losing your beloved smartphone would probably be a total bummer, but when a hairgrip, a lighter or an umbrella goes missing, it’s not usually such a big deal. That kind of stuff is always getting lost or forgotten someplace. Designer Yoonjin Lee searches for objects like that, makes little cardboard signs for them and lets them tell a story in her Little Lost Project.