Porn for the Whole Family – Brian Steinhoff


Just recently, we showed you this series of porn images, remember? At first glance, Brian Steinhoff seems to have had the same idea – cutting the people out of porn. The difference is, Brian filled in the gaps with pretty flower patterns, which throws the focus back on the people and not on the decor. Although there’s not even a bit of skin to be seen, somehow you get the feeling that there’s more on show than in the other series. Well, there are a few sex-toys here and there – and I get the feeling that the floral patterns aren’t always placed so very randomly…


Hive-Inn – a hotel made from shipping containers


Here’s a very exciting architectural concept from the OVA Studio in Hong Kong. Towers with interchangeable modules are nothing new, especially since the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokyo. We also sometimes hear about people living in containers, but the Hive-Inn concept is much more complex. It’s a hotel, consisting of a backbone framework into which any number of containers can be inserted and removed as necessary. Containers correspond to hotel rooms.pastedGraphic.pdf


VIDEO: Interviews for the toughest job in the world


“Director of Operations” – the title of a job that was advertised in the newspapers and online. The applications rolled in, but the candidates didn’t really have much idea what the job involved. The guy in the suit here was responsible for telling the candidates which qualifications they needed and what kind of work environment to expect: chaotic, on duty 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with no breaks and no vacation. The requirements were excellent negotiation skills and outstanding interpersonal skills. The best thing of all was kept until the end – no pay at all! If you want to know what kind of a job it was and how the candidates reacted when they found out, you’ll just have to watch the video.


#itouchmyselfproject – a hymn to the fight against…


“… it really should be the breast cancer song” – these were the words of Chrissy Amphlett. Almost exactly a year ago, she lost her battle against multiple sclerosis and breast cancer. In 1990, with her band Divinyls, she released the song “I Touch Myself”, which hit #1 in Australia. The song also made her famous all over the world. “It is a song that celebrates female sexuality like no other.” After she died, Chrissy’s family and friends decided to launch the #itouchmyselfproject, to remind all the women out there to regularly check their breasts for lumps. The project video features 10 female Australian singers such as Olivia Newton-John, who teamed up to make Chrissy’s wish come true: a hymn to the fight against breast cancer was born. Incidentally, you can buy “I Touch Myself” for 0.99 € over at iTunes.


Fruit porn at YouPomme


Oasis, a drinks company from France, has treated their fruit to a special website, and it’s certainly fruity! The site is called YouPomm. Sounds like YouPorn? That’s no accident. It even looks like a porn site. There are four hot clips with suggestive music and moans, and plenty of juicy curves to bite into. I have to admit that although I understand what the first video is meant to be, I’m completely lost as far as the others are concerned, because I get so distracted by all that lousy lipstick and nail polish. What do you think of the idea?


The Body Dryer – not just for your hair


A new invention is currently being funded through Indiegogo – and very successfully too. The project still has 18 days to run, but has already raised three times the target figure. Okay, so what is it exactly? It’s kind of like a hair dryer, but for your whole body. You get straight out of the shower and onto your Body Dryer and about 30 seconds later, you’re dry. Sounds pretty handy, and saves on towels too. I wonder what it feels like though. I would have to give it a try. How about the rest of you? Would you want to have one of these? If you would, they can be pre-ordered here for the price of $150 (109 €).


Gender bender: Sakimichan swaps the sexes of…


You may still remember Sakimichan from Canada. He was the guy who did these awesome Disney portraits. Well, he’s back on Disney again, but now it’s time for a little role reversal – Arielle turns into a merman and Fabius discovers his feminine side. It’s fascinating to see the treatment Sakimichan gives the stars of these other famous cartoons – and check out the way he transforms some of the supporting characters too, such as the candlesticks in “Beauty and the Beast.”


Diesel dances through the alphabet


Dance teachers will just love this video. Over exactly 3 minutes and 33 seconds, British director Jacob Sutton shows us a total of 26 dance styles and steps – conveniently sorted in alphabetical order. He takes us on a journey through a whole A-Z of dance, moving off with A for Arabesque from ballet, right on through to Z for TurF FeinZ – well, okay, at least the crew demonstrating a type of street dance called Turf  has a Z at the end of their name.