Colored tram windows for that Ray-Ban visual experience


Discover the city in a whole new color spectrum. That was what was on offer in Belgium recently. In Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels they fitted the trams with special windows. In all, they used 9 different color filters to give passengers a different view of their town. So they could discover what the world looks like through Ray-Ban’s new polarizing lenses. And of course the streetcars were instantly recognizable on the outside as well…


Jack Vale and his customer service test


What actually happens when you call customer services in a store with a query? Like for instance whether they have a particular item in stock? Does the person on the phone look on their computer? Or maybe even go to the shelves to check? Jack Vale wanted to find out, so he tried a few stores. And each time he phoned, he was fobbed off with ‘Nope, we don’t stock that’. But was that true? How have you been treated by customer services in stores like this?


Maan Hamadeh gives an impromptu piano concert at…


A piano at the departure gate in an airport isn’t something you see every day. But apparently in Prague you do. So Maan Hamadeh sat right down and played – the same song several times in succession, in fact. It was Beethoven’s ‘Für Elise’, which he eventually followed up with a different piece, ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from the film ‘Titanic’. But don’t worry, this isn’t some kind of tear-jerker: it’s the art of improvisation at the highest level.


Stripes and breasts in Chamo San’s drawings


Most likely my eye was drawn to the works of Barcelona artist Chamo San because I’m sitting here in something stripey today too. His drawings feature mostly scantily clad ladies, swathed in nothing more than a bit of striped material. But they also sometime draw it back and reveal the naked truth. These are very interesting pieces and studies that form a nice contrast with fashion that’s more, shall we say, one-sided.


A great Lego Food Truck


Food Trucks are amazing. Not just when you’re hungry, but when they’re made of Lego too. And this one really hits the spot, doesn’t it? Sad to say, it isn’t an official Lego set yet, just an idea submitted to the Lego Ideas page by a user called SpacySmoke. If 10,000 people think the Food Truck is a cool idea, someone from Lego will take a look at it and decide whether they actually will make them. So far just 2777 people are taken with it. So you can still vote for it, or marvel at more pictures on Flickr!


Video: Share a Coke with Mom and Dad


This video that Patrick und Whitney McGillicuddy put up on YouTube has been a runaway success. And yet they originally only made it so they could tell their nearest and dearest they were going to have a baby. My usual reaction to these cheesy subjects is, they’re just a pain, but these two had such an original idea about what the lettering on Coke cans and bottles was all about. Well, just take a look for yourselves! And enjoy!


Wilkinson Sword demonstrates the importance of shaving


First impressions count. In this case, Wilkinson Sword is referring to the relationship between fathers and their offspring. The Labamba Agency from Hamburg came up with this spot on the subject, suggesting that men should “Free their skin”. The video shows the fathers of this world why having a smooth face is all-important. The little darlings have always been totally terrified of bearded men. Hipster dads don’t have it easy. Better shave ‘em off – for the introductory phase at least…


More Indian than you think – how Lufthansa is…


Apparently, this is how commercials are in India, where Lufthansa are also running a campaign. Just like they did with the French in this commercial, Lufthansa are playing with clichés. Before their flight to New York, an Indian grandpa explains to his grandson that Germans are very serious. Their films are all gray and their food doesn’t even bear talking about. The flight turns out to have a load of pretty incredible surprises in store though… Yep, Lufthansa is “More Indian than you think”.