The latest from Japan courtesy of Burger King:…


It’s just a year since Burger King Japan captured our attention with these black burgers. And the eye-catching theme goes on. From July there’ll be red burgers joining the color range – that’s the “Aka Samurai Chicken” and the “Aka Samurai Beef”. The buns owe their color to a mixture of tomato powder, miso and pepper. And at a price of 4 or 5 Euros. But that’s not all: the black variant is getting an update too. This year will see the début of the “Kuro Shogun” and the “Kuro Taisho”.


Oliver Korittke snaps at promotional event


Oliver Korittke is one of the most popular actors in Germany. But what he did recently at a public event was not acceptable at all. When a banner with the digitally altered face of Korittke was presented to the public, the usually calm actor got completely freaky. The video recording of an audience member shows that Korittke didn’t like the new look of his face at all. So he let off steam, insulted the audience and ripped the poster off the wall. Before Korittke stormed off the stage, he furiously threw a flower bouquet into the crowd. His advertising partners surely had imagined the event in a completely different way.


Photography: The Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop of…


Adrian Alarcon is a photographer from São Paulo. He seems to be a fan of two things that just don’t want to go out of fashion right now: selfies and beards. Adrian combines both of them in his Fifty Fifty Selfie Barber Shop project. He spent four months growing himself a rather splendid beard and then shaved half of it off, straight down the middle. Might look kind of weird, but he quickly covered the shaved half with all sorts of stuff he found lying around so no one would notice…


“Little Lost Project” – Yoonjin Lee documents lost…


So, what have you lost in your life so far – money, maybe your house keys? Losing your beloved smartphone would probably be a total bummer, but when a hairgrip, a lighter or an umbrella goes missing, it’s not usually such a big deal. That kind of stuff is always getting lost or forgotten someplace. Designer Yoonjin Lee searches for objects like that, makes little cardboard signs for them and lets them tell a story in her Little Lost Project.


“Will You Hire Me?” – romantic job application…


Up next is another creative job application idea we stumbled upon. The brainchild of Canadian designer Catherine Pelletier, this one cuts right to the chase, since designers not uncommonly enter into a kind of matrimony with their agency and, if everything goes smoothly, end up spending many happy years together. Thus the very romantic job application. Using the very appropriate motto of Will You Hire Me?, the Montreal-based designer conjured up a little gift that contained a faux ring box, in addition to her portfolio. “The goal of my work is to create intimacy with the viewer, and present myself as THE designer they’ve been looking for”, said Catherine about her idea. Sorry to say the whole thing was just a project during her university studies. Would’ve been nice to have seen how potential employers would have reacted to it.


Airport design: the new Terminal 3 in Tokyo’s…


The new Terminal 3 at Tokyo’s Narita Airport opened its doors the other day. The original design by Nikken Sekkei and PARTY is fun just to look at. Since Terminal 3 hosts budget airlines, the designers wanted to show that inexpensive doesn’t have to be synonymous with negative, and only spent half the normal budget to complete the whole project. The floor was marked with track lanes that point travellers in the right direction, and the minimalist overall feel is complemented with furniture by Muji. Definitely take a look at the rest of the photos on the terminal’s website! The video below will give you a good feel for how the whole thing was built.


Amazing newspaper sculptures by Will Kurtz


Will Kurtz creates sculptures from newspapers. To achieve this, he developed his own technique and a unique style. He models his people and dogs on random, real-life street sightings. If you are also amazed at how natural and real his figures appear, then take a look at the video below. The artist explains how the sculptures came to be, how he goes about his work, and which materials he uses. Very interesting and inspiring!


Photorealist ballpoint-pen drawings by Enam Bosokah


The drawings by Enam Bosokah could be mistaken for photographs at first glance. But they have all been drawn with ballpoint pens and pencils. The artist from Ghana portrays a wide variety of people: children and friends, authors, athletes, musicians, and well-known politicians. His drawings are full of emotions and have come to delight a great deal of people. On Facebook you can look at even more drawings and keep up to date with his current works.