KickFlip – a handy foldaway laptop stand


Here’s a pretty new idea – the KickFlip by Bluelounge, a little stand that attaches to the bottom of your laptop. It looks good and makes typing much more ergonomic.  Another advantage is that when it’s hot in summer like now, the laptop is better ventilated from underneath, so it stays cooler. KickFlips can be simply stuck on or completely removed whenever you like. They come in two sizes, for 13″ and 15″ laptops, and cost 18 euros at Amazon.


Real-life paper dolls


When I was a kid, paper dolls were totally in, and I had a little collection of them. Are they still around today? Pixus, an agency in France, used the idea behind paper dolls as the inspiration for this photo series. Instead of dressing the models, they just posed them pretty much naked behind pictures of clothes. Pretty practical, putting all the different outfits on top of the models the way you do with the folding tabs on paper dolls - although here, the models were posed to suit the clothes. Anyhow, this fun series was created for Raise magazine.


3D Lettering by Tolga Girgin

On top of calligraphy in general and calligraffiti in particular, Tolga Girgin from Turkey has also been trying his hand at 3D lettering. He transferred a range of different fonts to paper with the aid of pencils and calligraphy pens, adding a touch of shading here and there to create the perfect optical illusion. Some of the letters really look like they’re about to jump out of the paper. You can see more of Tolga’s 3D work on Instagram, along with some videos and “making-ofs”.


WWF’s top 15 print campaigns


In recent years WWF has worked with a host of major agencies to produce powerful campaigns and get its voice heard more widely. And there’s been some really good stuff produced, which is why we’ve put together a little collection of print designs from all over the world. What this environmental protection organisation does, is to use mostly simple ideas to raise awareness of problems like pollution of the oceans, overfishing and animal protection. Clicking on a picture takes you to the original page, where you can look at images relating to each of the prints.


The “soul chest“- a mobile wooden house to…


There seem to be more and more designs for little mobile houses out there, but this one caught our attention. The project is the work of allergutendinge and they call it Seelenkiste  – or ‘soul chest’. It’s a wooden house that you can easily assemble in situ. The lowest level has a little kitchen, above that there’s a bed, and right at the top there’s a working/reading/lookout place, where you can go to just let the surroundings work their magic on you. The soul chest is meant as a retreat, where you can zone out – and the project investigated the effect it had when set up in a variety of places.


Cabin – a new iPhone accessory with magnetic charging


Hevo Labs have got a new iPhone accessory project out on Kickstarter. It’s all to do with an external battery and new ways of charging an iPhone. It all works via a micro-adaptor for the Lightning connection. And that’s what you use to charge the iPhone magnetically, like you do with a MacBook. Of course you do also need a MagAdapter for your Lightning cable. And then there’s also the appropriate dock, and then Cabin as well. Cabin is an external battery case for your iPhone, and it claims to provide 130% extra power. On Kickstarter you can get the adaptor on its own for $25 (18 €), or with the dock for $59 (44 €), with a Cabin for $89 (66 €) or the whole lot for $135 (100 €).


Just like a video game: Jaguar’s ”Virtual…


More and more car makers are betting on HUD technology to display info such as speed, rpm’s and direction on the windshield. This lets you keep your eyes on the numbers without having to look down. Now, car maker Jaguar’s gone one step further and introduced the “Virtual Windscreen”. Not only does it show you the above info, it also draws an ideal trajectory on the road when negotiating a curve or training your driving acumen in between virtual cones.


Honest Slogans – fun with well-known brands


Haha, these are good! We’ve had our fair share of creative ideas poking a bit of fun at famous brands. Still, I think these here by Honest Slogans are the best ones yet. Clif Dickens is the man behind the Tumblr giving everyone’s favorite brand logos new slogans that you just “get“. Sometimes it’s so easy to be funny – you only have to tell the truth! Honest Slogans is also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy!