Curvaceous: LG’s 34UC97 UltraWide Monitor


South Korean manufacturer LG was already attracting plenty of attention with its wide-screen monitors a few months ago, but now a new attractively curvaceous model has appeared on the market. The LG 34UC97 UltraWide Monitor boasts an impressive resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels and a diagonal of just over 86 centimeters. The 21:9 format screen is equally suitable for designers, cutters, gamers or photographers. The coupling of multiple displays seems to be a real experience.


Architecture: A gleaming white shop, located in…


A shiny, totally white new shop recently opened its doors in the heart of Amsterdam’s red light district. The design is the brainchild of XML, who dreamed up a store that must seem pretty futuristic when you walk in. There’s a humongous illuminated counter and a wall of bottles with something blue in them, but everything else is white – even the clothes of the people who work there. There’s also a mirror at the end of the room, to make it look even longer. So far, so good – but what exactly are they selling? The shop is named “Hangover Information Center” and sells water and a special vitamin drink to help prevent next-day hangovers.


Amusing Zach King vines for the Opel Adam Rocks


Zach King makes videos and he’s very popular at Vine – he has about 2 million followers. What makes his videos special are the comic effects. You never know what will happen next, or what’s real and what isn’t. The six-second loops are so popular on Vine that they have now been discovered by the advertising industry – like here, for example, with Opel commissioning Zach King to add six vines to their Adam Rocks campaign. Take a look at the vines here to see the gags that Zach dreamed up, and check out the video at the bottom for a peek behind the scenes.


Fantastic street art by Fin DAC


Fin DAC is an urban artist from Cork, Ireland, who paints and sprays extremely cool, enormous pictures of women on walls all over the world. The women are dressed in traditional Asian garments, or just regular T-shirts and dresses. Most of them also have tattoos, and superhero masks that only seem to be painted on. Fin DAC doesn’t limit himself to painting on walls, he also makes screen prints and paints canvases and wooden boards. “Vergiss”, one of his more recent works, appeared in Berlin’s B├╝lowstrasse last month. I really must go and give it a look.


Realistic-looking Japanese food, made from wax &…


In Gifu, Japan, nothing is as it seems. Well, at least as far as food is concerned, anyhow. Gifu is where a load of very realistic food samples are made, to let restaurant guests see how tempting the stuff on the menu looks. Although all these delicacies look deceptively real, it turns out they are actually made of wax, plastic and other artificial materials. Some of them are painted afterwards. Take a look at the video to see how quickly and simply the food artist creates tempura dishes or a cabbage.


Refold: a mobile standing desk, made of cardboard


Thanks to laptops and tablet PCs, if you spend a lot of time working on a computer, you could be doing that anywhere in the world, theoretically – but in fact, you probably work in the same place every day, sitting at your company desk or in your home office. Although our work is becoming increasingly mobile, we are still as stuck as we always were. New Zealanders Fraser Callaway, Oliver Ward and Matt Innes aim to remedy that with their Refold mobile desk.



International Highline meeting: Chilling out at…


Something else from the “Whatever will they think of next?” category. Early September saw what was already the third International Highline Meeting on Monte Piana, an Italian mountain. The participants spent most of the time on wire ropes, doing stuff like riding over from one outcrop to the next, or simply chilling out in a hammock, more than 2,000 meters above the ground.


“Scary Shelter”: Sky frightens Vienna with a…


Sky Austria came up with something special to advertise the fifth season of “The Walking Dead”. They teamed up with the Fox network, which presents the series, to create an augmented reality installation – and not just anywhere, but at a tram stop in the 7th precinct of Vienna. For two days, the stop was overrun by vicious “walkers”, terrifying passers-by. One brave young guy even wanted to attack the zombies with his skateboard until he realized that there was nothing behind the other side of the shelter…