CSS word games by Saijo George


The internet is full of so-called “CSS puns”. The trend didn’t pass Saijo George from Melbourne unnoticed. Quite the opposite actually. He became inspired and prepared the best jokes in a visual manner, taking the Titanic, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Chuck “Badass” Norris to task. They are all described in short with fitting CSS rules. You can check out all of the puns here.


Smart Rope – The first smart jump rope


Tangram Factory design studio just introduced the first smart jump rope. It’s called Smart Rope and is the first workout accessory in the company’s new “smart gym” platform. It has a stylish design and is equipped with LEDs that write the number of jumps in mid-air. At the same time, it can connect to a smartphone and you get recommendations for your workout sessions as well as being able to see how many calories you burned. If you want a Smart Rope, you only have a few more days to wait. They can be ordered on Kickstarter from February 25.


Video: Three smartphones meet for a chat


The YouTube channel jomatotu just uploaded a funny video where three smartphones are talking to each other. They seem to be able to keep themselves busy without us. What happened was that all three had the Google Translate app with voice recognition switched on. A simple hello starts things off. This turns into a spiral of confusing sentences and the smartphones just keep on going. Unfortunately, we only see the first minute of this in the video, but you could try this smartphone version of Chinese whispers yourself. Enjoy!


Architecture: A floating bar


There’s a restaurant in Paris with a very interesting bar. It’s made from one single wooden beam with a triangular profile. Because it’s only mounted on one side, from various perspectives, you have the feeling that the bar is just floating in the air. The designers at Atelier JMCA  have furnished the entire room in a modern, minimalist design and have positioned the bar in such a way that it can be used as a normal bar or as a dining table for 12 people.


The Call – the new short from BoConcept starring…


Danish furniture manufacturer BoConcept has just brought out a really smart short movie starring Mads Mikkelsen. He plays an actor who’s involved in learning a new role together with an actress. It starts off with them together in a car, then they’re on their own in his apartment. But she clearly has something different in mind from him that evening, because he’s constantly being interrupted by phone calls from a female caller…


Time lapse: Psychedelic color experiments by…


The artist Holton Rower uses a unique technique to make his artworks. He doesn’t draw them as is normally the case, but instead pours them onto wooden blocks. He alternates pouring different colors into the middle, where they then flow down the sides. You can see how it works on wooden blocks of different sizes in this time-lapse video. It’s pretty cool to see how the pattern keeps changing and how new colors appear. Of course, the end result is then partially left to chance.


Circle movies – Movie posters with nothing but…


I think these movie posters by Nick Barclay are really clever. The art director from Sydney came up with a totally unique concept of reducing well-known movies to circles. At first glance you wonder what the poster has to do with a movie. But it’s actually very logical and easy to understand. You can slowly scroll down and take a guess at each picture. And if you like the style, have a look at similar things here. Enjoy!


Infographic: These diverse species can be found in…


We all know them – the developers, the creative, the copywriters or the accountants. You can find all sorts of people in an agency. It’s not just the jobs that separate them from each other, it’s also their humanity. This infographic proves that by comparing them with each other, e.g. their bad habits or their latest Google-searches. We are also able to take a look at whatever they keep in their desk drawer. And that’s where we can find the only common denominator: Alcohol!