Dolfi – the little traveling washing-machine


Have you met Dolfi? It’s pretty much a washing machine for people on the move. And yet Dolfi is such a small bit of kit that you really wonder: how it can possibly work? Answer: it uses ultrasound! You put your grubby laundry and some detergent into water, and Dolfi goes in too. Half an hour later the ultrasound has shaken all the dirt out of the clothes and all you need do is wring them out and hang them up. Sounds like a great idea for anyone washing a lot of stuff by hand, and it must be really convenient when you’re traveling. Dolfi is available to pre-order right now on Indiegogo  – for $99 (88 €).


Men in fur: Matthew Grabelsky puts animals on the…


If you keep your eyes open when you’re traveling on the subway, you’re going to meet these kinds of people. Such as Alligator Man for instance, or maybe the yeti (you won’t have to look in the snow to find him). Of course they won’t be as obvious as artist Matthew Grabelsky portrays them in his oil paintings. But there really are people who remind you powerfully of a member of the animal kingdom. And if you imagine them visually, you’ll come up with images like these couples:


Earrings, necklaces & rings made from chopped up…


For New York‘s Margaux Lange, Barbie and Ken are the meat and potatoes of her work. Lange uses the dolls to come up with some wicked jewelry, a process which sees the cult duo regularly dismembered. Eyes, mouth, hands and even Barbie’s shapely bosom are turned into something new, i.e. the artist comes up with earrings, necklaces and rings, all of which are for sale on Etsy.


Animation film: Death and a mightily drunken…


When you’re Death, you tend get around a lot. But that doesn’t mean things are easy. Take “Dji”, who might be the best example of this. His current “task” has taken him out to the ocean, where he’s supposed to take the soul of a pirate. Turns out that’s easier said than done. “Dji” just isn’t cut out for the job, so he quickly finds other ways to keep busy and ends up sinking the pirate’s gold hoard in the ocean, dubloon by dubloon. Really nice film work by Dmitri Voloshin.


Prynt – the new smartphone instant camera case


Have you ever wished you could print photos directly from your smartphone? You’d get a way better look at them, plus you could just give them to someone as a present. Prynt is a novel smartphone case that transforms a smartphone into an instamatic camera. But Prynt can do more than just print photos, e.g. it can “print“ videos that can then be played using augmented reality. You can pre-order the case for $99 at Kickstarter, where the project’s already notched up lots of success. I think my iPhone would look good in one…


“Lightmark”: a bookmark that looks like a reading lamp


We’ve been struck before by the various inventions, great and small, by Shahar Peleg of “Peleg Design” design studio. And he’s done it again, this time with these clever little bookmarks. They’re shaped like a reading lamp, and they don’t need any electricity to cast their light. The beam of light helps you to find where you were. And Lightmark is available in 3 different colors. If you want to see some more creative bookmark ideas, take a look  in the depths of our archive.


Street Art – Celebrity doorbells


If you happen to be wandering around Paris, you need to keep your eyes open. Because scattered around the city there are these doorbells, the work of street artist Le Sonneur. He’s fixed them onto quite ordinary houses, and of course you don’t notice anything unusual at first. But when you look closer, you realise that you can ring for Darth Vader, Dr. Emmet Brown, Mary Poppins or the Turtles. Which I think is pretty cool. I hope something actually happens when you press the button!


Booooom! – Neat tear-strip envelopes with vehicles


What a cool idea this is! Colorful envelopes with small illustrations, e.g. a car, a plane, a train, with a tear strip right behind them to open the envelope. But the fun’s not limited to just opening it, it also looks really cool because you create what looks like a trail of exhaust behind whatever the vehicle is! Designer Masashi Tentaku at design studio D-Bros came up with the idea. The envelopes can be bought online here for $12 (11 €) for a set of 3.