Video: Dancing on a longboard


In this video we accompany Giulia through the beautiful streets of Cologne, Germany. But I wasn’t interested in any sightseeing it was just her renowned dancing skills on the back of a longboard that had put me under her spell. That was also the point of the whole thing. The cool video was produced by VeyVeyFilms who are also from the Rhein metropolis of Cologne. The excellent music is by Schlepp Geist. And now, watch out, don’t be jealous: when this was being filmed Giulia had less than 2 years’ experience on the back of a longboard…


“Also shot on iPhone 6″: Subvertising using…


Every day countless photos are taken and uploaded onto social networks. That’s why Apple is presenting the world’s best user submitted photos on their World Gallery page. Not just online but also in the form of prints. The neat looking tag line proudly bears the signature “Shot on iPhone 6”. The Tumblr page “Also Shot on iPhone 6” in contrast shows us other photos that are also created daily using the iPhone. By which I mean selfies taken in front of the mirror; simply the most popular way to use your smartphone.


3D illustrations that’ll make you smile by…


We‘ve already seen so many funny illustrations and ideas together so I’m always amazed that there are still some people out there who continue, somehow, to stumble upon yet more things that I’ve never seen before. Just like these illustrations by HuskMitNavn. The artist from Copenhagen in Denmark is an international success. Here’s a collection of his illustrations that at first glance appear as if the paper itself is playing along: folded, bent, torn or crumpled. Amazing, don’t you think?


Artwork on the bodywork – presenting the VW camper…


The Spanish brand Pull & Bear created a rather cool campaign for the reopening of their Paris store: 4 international artists were invited into the new store in the Citadium shopping centre to let their creativity run wild on the bare “canvas” of a VW camper van. What emerged from this process were some really beautiful designs for the already very popular dream camper van.

The Italian Michela Picchi and resident of Berlin, the Parisian artist and musician Mehdi Hercberg alias Shoboshobo, the Londoner and illustrator Martina Paukova and the British artist Kyle Platts created lots of diverse, creative works in the process. But check this out for yourselves!


i-Road – The New City Car by Toyota


Toyota has released a new little city car. It’s called i-Road, has three wheels and is powered by electricity. After a few tests in Japan, it has been used in a very cool project in Grenoble, France in the end of last year. Toyota, the city and a few other companies worked together there to create “Cité lib by Ha:mo,” a totally new system for better mobility with public transportation. 27 charging stations have been set up in the city, at which people can rent or leave one of 70 i-Roads.


CATSTACAM™ – Whiskas brings cats to Instagram


Cat videos on YouTube are likely to always break records. These cuddly four-legged pets are always stars in front of the camera. Thanks to Whiskas Australia, they now even take over as director. With the CATSTACAM™, Clemenger BBDO Sydney has developed a gadget that lets the whole world see from the perspective of our little friends. The integrated camera senses movement and takes several pictures in a minute. These pictures are then posted to your cat’s own Instagram account. You can see here what kinds of pictures come out. The packaging is also a toy. Through their campaign, Whiskas would like to give cat owners chance to be more a part of the everyday lives of their cat and to teach them about their view of the world.


Print: Origami from Google Maps


These here are images from a print campaign from the agency, Bakken Design. Its goal is to encourage small businesses to register with Google Maps. The Origami artist, Joseph Wu, was tasked with visually implementing the concept. He folded each individual object from Google Maps. The objects represent shops or restaurants that one could find using the maps from Google. What do you think of this idea?


“Guns With History”: Gun store using second-hand…


Grey New York won an award for this experiment. But first let’s backtrack a little: More than 60% of Americans really think they’ll be safer if they’ve got their own personal firearm. The truth of the matter sees things a little differently. That’s why a one-of-a-kind gun shop was opened in the city of New York using second-hand handguns and rifles. This was designed to show potential customers the dangers of keeping a firearm in your own home. In this store they got first-hand knowledge of Guns With History. A label threaded through each firearm gave details of a real-life event where casualties (mostly children) were caused by an accessible firearm…